Announcement: The 11th International Conference on Cloud Computing(Cloud 2018) will be held on June 25-30, 2018, Seattle, USA.

2003-2014 Conference Speakers and Leading Volunteers

  • Carlo Ghezzi

    Carlo Ghezzi

    ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow

  • Tsengdar Lee

    Tsengdar Lee

    program manager for the NASA High-End Computing Portfolio

  • Ling Liu

    Ling Liu

    IEEE Fellow, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Eric Brewer

    Eric Brewer

    VP of infrastructure at Google

  • Guruduth Banavar

    Guruduth Banavar

    VP of cognitive computing at IBM Research

  • Dennis Gannonis

    Dennis Gannonis

    Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

  • Susan Davidson

    Susan Davidson

    Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA
    ACM Fellow

  • Philip S. Yu

    Philip S. Yu

    Distinguished Professor, UIC, USA
    ACM and IEEE Fellow

  • Michael Goul

    Michael Goul

    Professor, Arizona State University, USA

  • Munindar P. Singh

    Munindar P. Singh

    Professor, NCSU, USA
    IEEE Fellow

  • Zhaohui Wu

    Zhaohui Wu

    President, Zhejiang University, China

  • Junliang Chen

    Junliang Chen

    CAE & CAS Academician

  • George O. Strawn

    George O. Strawn

    Director, NITRD, USA

  • Hector Garcia-Molina

    Hector Garcia-Molina

    ACM & AAAS Fellow

  • Sorel Reisman

    Sorel Reisman

    IEEE CS President, 2011

  • Peter Chen

    Peter Chen

    DCS ,CMU
    IEEE, ACM, AAAS Fellow

  • Stephen S. Yau

    Stephen S. Yau

    Professor, Arizona State University, USA
    Life Fellow of IEEE

  • Carole Goble

    Carole Goble

    Professor, University of Manchester, UK
    RAE Fellow

  • Ian Foster

    Ian Foster

    Professor, The University of Chicago
    IEEE Fellow

  • Elisa Bertino

    Elisa Bertino

    Professor, Purdue University
    ACM, IEEE Fellow

  • Calton Pu

    Calton Pu

    Professor and John P. Imlay, Jr. Chair in Software, Georgia Tech, USA

  • Carl K.Chang

    Carl K.Chang

    IEEE CS President, 2004
    IEEE Fellow

  • Michael J. Carey

    Michael J. Carey

    ACM Fellow
    Member of NAE

  • Jinpeng Huai

    Jinpeng Huai

    President, BEIHANG University
    CAS Academician, ICWS 2008 Program Chair

  • Hong Mei

    Hong Mei

    VP,Shanghai Jiaotong University
    CAS Academician ,ICWS 2008 General Chair

  • Benjamin Wan-sang

    Benjamin Wan-sang

    EVP, Chinese University of HongKong
    AAAS, ACM and IEEE Fellow

  • Robert Morris

    Daniel P. Siewiorek

    IEEE, ACM, AAAS Fellow
    Member of NAE

  • Benjamin Wan-sang

    Robert Morris

    VP, IBM

  • Liang-Jie (LJ) Zhang

    Liang-Jie (LJ) Zhang

    SVP, Kingdee
    IEEE Fellow

  • Dan Reed

    Dan Reed

    VP, Microsoft
    ACM, IEEE & AAAS Fellow

  • Sesh Murthy

    Sesh Murthy


  • Hongtao Bie

    Hongtao Bie


  • Donald F. Ferguson

    Donald F. Ferguson

    Chairman, IBM SWG Architecture Board
    IBM Fellow

  • Ephraim Feig

    Ephraim Feig

    IEEE Fellow
    Chair, IEEE CS TCSVC(2012-2014)

  • Sharon Nunes

    Sharon Nunes

    VP, IBM

  • Umeshwar Dayal

    Umeshwar Dayal

    HP & IEEE Fellow

  • Richard Hull

    Richard Hull

    Director, Bell Labs Research
    Member of NAE

  • George M. Galambos

    George M. Galambos

    CTO, IBM Global Services Canada
    IBM Fellow

  • Werner Vogels

    Werner Vogels

    VP & CTO,

  • Steve Fisher

    Steve Fisher


  • K Ananth Krishnan

    K Ananth Krishnan

    VP & CTO,Tata Consultancy Services Limite

  • Susan X. Ying

    Susan X. Ying

    Director, Boeing
    AIAA Fellow

  • Cesar Gonzales

    Cesar Gonzales

    IEEE & IBM Fellow (retired)

  • Dejan Milojicic

    Dejan Milojicic

    HP Labs, USA
    ACM DE, IEEE Fellow

  • Wu Chou

    Wu Chou

    IEEE Fellow

  • Paul Hofmann

    Paul Hofmann

    VP, SAP Labs, USA

  • Ming-Chien Shan

    Ming-Chien Shan

    VP, SAP Research, USA

  • ChungSheng Li

    ChungSheng Li

    Director, IBM Research
    IEEE Fellow