5th International Conference on Cloud Computing
June 24-29 2012, Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort and Spa, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

CLOUD 2012 News

The following 48 papers are accepted by CLOUD 2012 Research Track (acceptance rate: 17%). Congratulations to the authors. More notifications will be sent out today. (4/30/2012)

4248 Optimal Bids for Spot VMs in a Cloud for Deadline Constrained Jobs
4250 Maximizing Cloud Provider Profit from Equilibrium Price Auctions
4276 Cost-Efficient and Application SLA-Aware Client Side Request Scheduling in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud
4287 Reliable State Monitoring in Cloud Datacenters
4291 SLA-Based and Consumer-Centric Dynamic Provisioning for Cloud Databases
4302 Scheduling Parallel Tasks onto Opportunistically Available Cloud Resources
4303 A General and Practical Datacenter Selection Framework for Cloud Services
4325 Impact of Live Migration on Multi-tier Application Performance in Clouds
4336 Challenges and Opportunities in Consolidation at High Resource Utilization: Non-monotonic Response Time Variations in n-Tier Applications
4340 Expertus: A Generator Approach to Automate Performance Testing in IaaS Clouds
4344 Biting off Safely More than You Can Chew:Predictive Analytics for Resource Over-commit in IaaS Cloud
4346 Energy Efficient Geographical Load Balancing via Dynamic Deferral of Workload
4354 Energy Management in IaaS Clouds: A Holistic
4374 Attribution of Fraudulent Resource Consumption in the Cloud
4384 Opportunistic Service Provisioning in the Cloud
4385 Data Centers in the Cloud: A Large Scale Study
4393 GARDEN: Generic Addressing and Routing for Data Center Networks
4409 SmartScale: Automatic Application Scaling in Enterprise Clouds
4433 Oruta: Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Shared Data in the Cloud
4438 MROrchestrator: A Fine-Grained Resource Orchestration Framework for MapReduce Clusters
4445 Scan-Sharing for Optimizing RDF Graph Pattern Matching on MapReduce
4452 Efficient Map/Reduce-based DBSCAN Algorithm with Optimized Data Partition
4459 Self-Adaptive and Resource-Efficient SLA Enactment for Cloud Computing Infrastructure
4468 Survivable Virtual Infrastructure Mapping in Virtualized Data Centers
4474 Center-of-Gravity Reduce Task Scheduling to Lower MapReduce Network Traffic
4479 Minimizing Latency in Serving Requests through Differential Template Caching in a Cloud
4487 Efficient Deployment of Main-memory DBMS in Virtualized Data Centers
4519 Towards a Taxonomy of Performance Evaluation of Commercial Cloud Services
4529 Topology-Aware Deployment of Scientific Applications in Cloud Computing
4533 Towards Quality Aware Collaborative Video Analytic Cloud
4647 Placement in Clouds for Application-Level Latency Requirements
4658 Semantically-Rich Composition of Virtual Images
4662 A Profit-aware Virtual Machine Deployment Optimization Framework for Cloud Platform Providers
4682 Keeping Data Private while Computing in the Cloud
4702 WIQ: Work-Intensive Query Scheduling for In-Memory Database Systems
4716 An Integrated Approach for Specifying and Enforcing SLAs for Cloud Services
4729 A Novol Assembly of High-Throughput Sequencing Data with Cloud Computing and New Operations on String Graphs
4736 Performance of Cloud Computing Centers with Multiple Priority Classes
4760 AdmissionControlfor Elastic Cloud Services
4763 A Performance Interference Model for Managing Consolidated Workloads in QoS-Aware Clouds
4768 Evaluating Hadoop for Data-Intensive Scientific Operations
4775 F2BOX: Cloudifying F2F Storage Systems with High Availability Correlation
4778 FRIENDBOX: A Hybrid F2F Personal Storage Application
4794 CloudProtect: Managing Data Privacy in Cloud Applications
4812 Risk-Aware Workload Distribution in Hybrid Clouds
4821 AMAZING: An Optimal Bidding Strategy for Amazon EC2 Cloud Spot Instance
4849 An Online Mechanism for Dynamic VM Provisioning and Allocation in Clouds
4871 Lessons Learned from the Development of GIS Overlay Processing Application on Azure Cloud Platform

We are still sending out notifications, from all tracks. (5/1/2012)
Decisions are being uploaded onto the online system. Notifications are being sent out. (4/30/2012)
Decisions are being uploaded onto the online system. Notifications are being sent out. (4/30/2012)
CLOUD 2012 PC Chairs are making the final decision. (4/28/2012)
CLOUD 2012 PC Chairs are in the final decision phase. Paper notification will be sent out since 4/27/2012. Thanks for your patience. (4/24/2012)
CLOUD 2012 PC is in the final decision phase (many competitive papers with close scores). Paper notification will be sent out since 4/23/2012. Thanks for your patience. (4/20/2012)
CLOUD 2012 PC is still in the discussion phase. Paper notification will be sent out since 4/20/2012 (4/9/2012)
CLOUD 2012 Paper Submission Deadline Extended to 3/8/2012 (1/30/2012)
Due to numerous requests, CLOUD 2012 Paper Submission Deadline is extended to 3/8/2012. Details please go to

CLOUD 2012 PC Formed (1/23/2012)
IEEE CLOUD 2012 proudly announces our program committee. Please go to to see the list.

IEEE CLOUD 2012 Website is Launched (12/1/2011)
IEEE CLOUD 2012 website is launched at: All conference-related information will be published on the website promptly. Please check the news items frequently.


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