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CLOUD 2011 Workshops

Cloud Computing has become a scalable services consumption and delivery platform in the field of Services Computing. The technical foundations of Cloud Computing include Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Virtualizations of hardware and software. The goal of Cloud Computing is to share resources among the cloud service consumers, cloud partners, and cloud vendors in the cloud value chain. The resource sharing at various levels results in various cloud offerings such as infrastructure cloud (e.g. hardware, IT infrastructure management), software cloud (e.g. SaaS focusing on middleware as a service, or traditional CRM as a service), application cloud (e.g. Application as a Service, UML modeling tools as a service, social network as a service), and business cloud (e.g. business process as a service). 

CLOUD 2011 will be co-located with the 7th IEEE 2011 World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2011), the 9th IEEE 2011 International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2011), and the 8th IEEE 2011 International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2011) to grow itself to continue to be the most prestigious professional conference dedicated to cloud computing.

CLOUD 2011 encourages you to submit workshop proposals related to cloud computing. All workshops will be part of 2011 IEEE Seventh World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2011), which will be co-located with CLOUD 2011. Workshop duration can be one day or one and half day. All the accepted and presented papers by the workshops will be included in the Proceedings of 2011 IEEE Seventh World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2011) which will be published by IEEE Computer Society Press. You can consider to organize a workshop that is related to CLOUD 2011 topics.

The purpose of these workshops is to provide a platform for presenting novel ideas in a less formal and possibly more focused way than the conferences themselves. As such, they also offer a good opportunity for young researchers to present their work and to obtain feedback from an interested community. The format of each workshop is to be determined by the organizers, but it is expected that they contain ample time for general discussion such as a round-table panel. The preference is for one-day workshops, but other schedules will also be considered.

Proposals must include:
1. The name of the workshop.
2. A statement of goals for the workshop.
3. The names and addresses of the organizers.
4. The names of potential participants, such as program committee members.
5. A description of the plans for call for participation (e.g., call for papers).
6. The expected number of attendees and the planned length of the workshop.
7. A description of the plans for publicity.
8. An explanation of any plans for proceedings.
9. A description of past versions of the workshop, including dates, organizers, submission and acceptance counts, attendance, sites, registration fees and summary budget information.
10. The URL of the workshop web site

Note: It is encouraged to have one comprehensive Web page for each workshop. This Web page will be hosted by IEEE SERVICES 2011. Once a workshop is approved, an integrated on-line paper submission, review, and registration system will be automatically set up for the workshop on

For all workshop organizers, if the workshop receives more than 50 valid submissions directly submitted to the dedicated online workshop submission system and accepts more than 10 quality regular papers from them, the workshop will receive one free registration, and up to three key workshop chairs will each receive a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Services by Serving As Chair of "Workshop Title".

If you are interested in organizing workshops for the 2011 IEEE Seventh World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2011), please send your proposal via the Proposal Submission and Review System @ IEEE SERVICES 2011 at Your proposal will be reviewed by the workshop chairs. The submission deadline is published on the SERVICES 2011 submission page


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